Priscilla Cahoon

Priscilla was working as a receptionist in a salon when she decided she wanted to be behind the chair. She was so enthralled with the idea of hairstyling that she decided to forgo pursuing her other possible career choices to be a stylist. Priscilla has been doing hair for more than 30 years. She especially loves it when a client goes for a new look with a short cut or a dramatic change. 

Priscilla finds inspiration every day in Salon Moda. “My co-workers and I learn from each other every day. I love that we can share our experiences and learn from each other.” Priscilla’s celebrity style icon is Christie Brinkley. Just like Christie, Priscilla is a natural beauty and lives a healthy lifestyle. At Salon Moda we use the organic product line, Eufora, which fits in perfectly with Priscilla’s natural lifestyle.